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  3. ammyke:

    My grabber blue 1969 all original Shelby gt350, I love this car so much, it’s just what dreams are made of to me <3 Whenever I drive her nothing can bring me down :)

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  5. fullthrottleauto:

    Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Shaker 2015 (by Revistadelmotor)

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  6. theautobible:

    Ferrari F40 by GHG Photography on Flickr.


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  12. drivingbenzes:

    Mercedes-Benz 300SL


  13. specialcar:

    1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk


  14. artoftheautomobile:

    Jaguar XKR-S

    Submitted by Redlinemsapparel

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  15. datagoddess:

    This is a good reason to always carry sidewalk chalk in the car.

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