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    This has to be a German’s idea of a joke. 400 bhp in a Golf! And look at how mental it looks. And the engine! It’s all yellow and looks like a Terminator’s face. This thing is so mental. I want one.

    Okay, the numbers. It uses the same EA888 2.0 turbo found in the Golf R, except 100 bhp more has been squeezed out. Torque is rated at 450NM which is huge for a hatchback. Actually, can this still be considered a hot hatch? It should be a bit hotter. Like a scorching hatch. This is a scorching hatchback.

    Top speed is 280 kph, 0-100 kph is done in 3.9 seconds (the same as a E63 AMG) and kerb weight is 1420kg. That’s 135kg less than the A45 AMG. Power to weight ratio of the R400 is an incredible 278/tonne. To make the most of all that performance it has a 6-speed manual (no DSG here) and VW’s latest Haldex four-wheel drive system and a raft of safety acronyms.

    Changes to the exterior can be described as Stormtrooper-ish. The extra sticky out bits on the bumpers, rear diffusers and bigger twin-exhausts make this, for lack of better words, the most badass looking thing to bear a Golf badge. I love the yellow detailing on the grille and brakes as well.

    Inside it gets new carbon-fibre back sports seats, more yellow details and a speedo that goes all the way to 320 kph!!!

    It’s one hell of a machine. Even if it doesn’t make it into production there’s a big chance that most of the engineering will filter down into other high performance VW cars. Or, it could be reborn as the next generation Audi RS3. Now that would be epic.




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    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

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    Starring: Ford F250
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    2000 BMW Z8


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    Bentley Mulsanne nyias @meatpackingdistrict


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    1989 Aston Martin V8

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